Where’s the BabyDragon? Blame the thief that is VCDX 133.

Where’s the BabyDragon? Blame the thief that is VCDX 133.

Way to try and build your own reputation by stealing mine there, Rene Van Den Bedem. If you’ve done a Google search for BabyDragon lately, you’ll see his blog and his ads and his referral links.
Yeah. Rene isn’t authorized or permitted to use the BabyDragon name. That name is copyrighted and it’s mine. It has been for longer than 6 years, too. And his design? Isn’t. It’s what you get when someone with no clue slaps hardware together at random till it works. It sure as hell isn’t a Dragon. But he’s sure as hell happy to steal someone else’s hard work and reputation to advance his own career.
Let me emphasize this because people clearly don’t get it: BabyDragon and the BabyDragon HCLs are copyright 2010-* to me. You are not entitled to call your random pile of shit a ‘BabyDragon.’

Shit like this is why the BabyDragon III didn’t get published and why the BabyDragon V isn’t going to be published for free. Because I’m done with people stealing my work, and done with liars like Rene. The only rule with BabyDragons has ever been “the name belongs to me, if you follow the BabyDragon HCL you’re free to blog about yours, all I ask is you link back to the origin. Which is me. If it’s not HCL, you can say it’s inspired by BabyDragon but it is NOT a BabyDragon.” That’s it. I have no problem with fair use, I have no problem with calling something on the HCL what it is. Most people have been respectful of that.
Apparently that’s too much to ask of someone like Rene. So consider that when conducting business with him and his employer. Can you trust someone who deliberately stole a name to self-promote? Can you trust someone who put together what is easily the worst whitebox I’ve seen in years? One that is so bad, I would not recommend that in ANY lab for ANY reason. Can you trust a company that didn’t even do the most basic of research on a candidate?

Because of people like him, the next set of BabyDragon guides will be in an eBook, if at all. And it will be DRM’d to hell and back. And I will have no choice but to waste an inordinate of time issuing DMCA take down notices because of people like him and the vExpert community’s tolerance for conduct like this.
Great job, guys. And you wonder why I don’t attend VMUGs and I’m not on Twitter any more. It’s because of people like this. You want “contributions” to the community, then the ‘community’ is going to need to start contributing a hell of a lot more than meaningless, insincere ‘attaboys.’ Especially considering the BabyDragon III and V have gone through more than $6,000 worth of parts. Out of my own pocket. What, you think I get this gear free? HA. And no, I’m NOT expecting to make it back. I AM expecting a modicum of respect.

Not that I expect the popular kids who get tens of thousands of dollars in free equipment every year to show the least bit of respect to anyone – because they don’t. I only have to worry about them stealing content. Which is why there hasn’t been any of that either. And don’t tell me they don’t steal from others – I’ve seen it. Because the community has decided that respecting hard work, forget copyright, is completely unnecessary if you’re popular enough. Really great ethics there – about what I’ve come to expect.

By the way, some of the things you’re missing out on or going to miss out on? Doing vMotions from front panel LCD control pads (getting ready to bring that back with new hardware), automated FreeBSD installs from PXE and templating, highly available home directories for automounting, integrating FreeBSD and AIX with IPA and Active Directory, various pieces of analysis on the latest stuff shoved off storage vendors docks, fully automating VIOS installs and upgrades from LPAR build, how to abuse HMC v8, and various hardware tricks for reducing noise and improving cooling. Just to name a few. Oh, and TaleCaster – the ultimate home media solution.

Maybe you all can get Rene to pay for it, since he thinks he’s entitled to the work of others anyway. And if not, hey, just go hit up Dell-EMC for a stack of new VRTXes for free because who cares about anyone else, right?

Author: Phillip Jaenke